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Helping people with technology and practical solutions to improve their home entertainment environment.

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It all begins with a question...

What do you want home technology to do for you?


We ask questions about what you want to watch, listen to and use for entertainment in your home. We avoid selling technology, but rather provide possible solutions to your needs using technology in the simplest ways possible.   


At Timeless Technologies this is the thread of every customer conversation.

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Life changes.

Relocation or new home...


Q: "We have a perfectly good flatscreen at our old place, but don’t want to go through the hassle of taking it down and re-installing it. And then what about all the things that we didn't think of before we decided to move?" 

A: We can provide relocation and upgrades of existing technology, as well as, installation of new technology, including flat-screens, sound systems, home theater and Ring alarm components.

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Life stages.

Feeling overwhelmed or left behind...

Q: "We just don't seem to have space for anything since we decided to down-size...so much clutter makes it hard to find things. And technology is so overwhelming...where do we go for help?"

A: We can provide general life improvement solutions and security throughout your home, as well as, help you better understand and utilize your personal and home entertainment technology.

Exceeding Customer Expectations...

We strive to listen, set reasonable expectations and exceed those expectations in every customer encounter.


Awarded to Timeless Technologies for the 2nd consecutive year for the number and quality of customer reviews by Houzz, the No. 1 app

for home improvement

and design.


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